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MB BS BSc (Hons)

Simon did his science degree at Melbourne University, and, following in his father’s footsteps, transferred into Medicine at Monash University. As a third year resident Medical Officer, he worked for a year in the Latrobe Valley.

Being sporty himself, indulging in both basketball and martial arts, Simon developed an interest in Sports Medicine and completed a Certificate in Sports Medicine. He has covered various sporting events, for example the VicHealth Herald-Sun Tour for 10 years, doctored for various martial arts and boxing promotions and currently is a member of the Professional Boxing and Combat Sports Board of Victoria. He assists orthopaedic surgeons at operations and also assists a urologist with robotic prostatectomy.

Simon joined Eastbound Clinic in 2008 after working at McKinnon Sports Medicine Centre for 18 years.

He is also interested in geriatric and general medicine.

He still keeps fit doing a mixture of cycling, swimming and gentle martial arts. He lives with his wife Marcia, two sports-loving children and a cat.